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Dataintel’s Interactive Dashboard For Data Analytics

Data Mining, Data Modeling And Interactive Visualization

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Text Mining Engine

Word, PDF, Text Kindle Mining Engine

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Financial sector

Unlock the Hidden Value of Your Machine Data

Retail banks, investment banks and insurance companies generate terabytes of machine data daily for high-volume activities like trading, payment or claims processing and multi-channel banking. Embedded within the machine data are insights that can help financial institutions improve their performance and gain a competitive edge


Telecom sector

Turning complex telecommunications data into valuable insight

While telecommunications providers are used to dealing with large volumes of customer data, the considerable complexity of today’s data is a new challenge. They must quickly and accurately analyze contextual data from networks, devices, and social media in order to stay ahead of communication trends. With DATAINTEL, companies can explore and gain insight from raw data at the speed of their industry demands.

Online sector

Predict the Needs of Every Website Visitor with Behavioral Analytics

Predictive capabilities begin with understanding who visits your site, and why. The best way to find out this information is through analyzing a visitor’s behavior.

Whether they are searching for something specific or just browsing the site, analyzing click-stream data and segmenting visitors through the use of behavioral models allows the site to deliver a tailored experience.

No matter what the intent of the visitor is, this guarantees that they are delivered targeted offers and experience ease of navigation.


Retail sector

Deep Market and Customer Insight in the Retail, Government and Financial Services Sector

Organizations across retail, finance and government rely on our advanced analytics solution to deliver improved data insight and drive measureable results. With highly scalable, interoperable big data technology, We makes sense of large volumes of complex internal and external data to enable organizations to achieve significant gains in ROI.

Drive Sales with Proactive, Targeted Campaigns

Retailers must analyze a great deal of data for each marketing campaign in order to meet time-sensitive windows of opportunity for converting customer purchases and improving operational processes. We works with retailers and eCommerce sites to deliver solutions that leverage big data to provide a 360° view of consumer behavior, extending current analytics platforms to incorporate predictive and prescriptive analytics.


Target Potential Customers with Absolute Mix of BI & Infrastructure.

If your entire business runs on the web, it’s critical that your customers can access your services around the clock, which makes operational visibility across your IT infrastructure a top priority. Protect customer information and correlate data across all your environments to manage and forecast datacenter capacity.